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Jpark Island Resort’s beachfront location in Mactan and plush facilities made it the top choice to host the Miss Universe swimwear presentation this coming January 17.

Justin Uy, chairman and president of Philippine BXT Corp. – the company that owns and operates the resort, said the Miss Universe event in the Philippines will not use public funds and will be privately funded.

His company, he added, will be spending over US$1 million to ensure the success of the Miss Universe 2017 events in Cebu.

Jpark Miss Universe

MISS UNIVERSE HOSTING. Announcing Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark’s hosting of the swimwear presentation are (from left) corporate liaison officer Arthur Lo, Philippine BXT Corp. Chairman and President Justin Uy, Chief Executive Officer Jason Uy, and General Manager Sean Noh.

Best facilities, plush rooms

“We have the best facilities in the island. We have a lot of rooms. There is no hotel bigger than Jpark in Mactan. We have all the factors needed to make this event successful,” he cited.

Uy said the goal will be for Cebu to become known in the world and attract tourists. Hosting the Miss Universe event will be the fastest way to to it, he pointed out.

Jason Uy, the company’s chief executive officer, said it is a great privilege for Cebu to be picked to host one of the beauty tilt’s big events.

Miss Universe Cebu events

“This is our chance to give back and an opportunity to showcase Cebu,” he added as he called on local designers, musicians, and other artists as well as food and product producers to be part of the prestigious event.

Arthur Lo, Jpark corporate liaison officer, said the Miss Universe contestants will be in Cebu for 10 straight hours on January 17, 2017 and the resort will host several simultaneous activities for them.

These include the swimsuit presentation, a luncheon, mini fashion shows, and possibly visits to a few Cebu sites, he added.

WATCH: Jpark resort officials announce Miss Universe swimwear presentation hosting